UNSW Gameplayers Society



Hey everyone,

Here're the rooms we have for this semester:

  • Monday 7pm-onwards: Quad G025-26;
  • Wednesday 7pm-onwards: Huts D10 G01, G03.

Yes, the rumours of Huts demise were somewhat premature. Either that, or we'll be sitting amidst the ruins.

See you tonight!
Mikhail, president


Greetings members old and new!

I hope you'll find being a part of our society fun and rewarding (but mostly fun). There are a number of things I have to say, so lets get started.

1. First and foremost: don't panic. Let me say this again: DON'T PANIC. Last year a lot of new members never made it to our doorstep, either because they couldn't find the meeting place or they missed the first few weeks. If you have difficulty finding us, unsure of where to go or what's happening, please don't hesitate to email (contact@unswgameplayers.cjb.net) or call me (0415 384 902).

2. Weekly games. I can't tell you the rooms we'll use, as it hasn't been finilised yet, but it will definitively be on Monday and Wednesday evenings, 7pm onwards, probably in the Huts (D-10 on the map) building. Hopefully I'll have more info by the end of the week. If you would like to start earlier, or can't make it on either of these days - email me, and we'll figure things out.

3. Roleplaying campaigns. As usual, we need GM's to start new campaigns for all the new (and existing) members this year. This is a great opportunity to try GMing your first game, or run that campaign you've been thinking about. So if you would like to do that, I suggest you email the mailing list with a short description of the game you want to run (system, how many players, length, genre, story, etc.), so that potential players can get in touch with you. I'm running a Dark Heresy game on Mondays, but it's full already. If we have more players than GMs can handle, I can run something small and random from a book, though.

4. MtG and Warhammer. We have plenty of members interested in both this year, so what I'll suggest is again to get in touch with each other via mailing list, and organise to come to the same games night. Once we have established how many active players of each game we have, we can possibly organise tournaments/campaigns/drafts/whatever.

5. Forum. Last year we introduced a forum to the website, and while not everyone by far used it, it was a nice thing to have, handy for discussions and whatnot. Unfortunately it died in an uphill battle against spam. We can try setting up a forum this year, if there is interest. Is there?

Well, that about covers it.

See you at the games!

Mikhail, your friendly neighborhood (soon-to-be-ex) president.